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Walter J. Deck, DMD, PC

Received a Bachelor of Science degree from St. Bonaventure University, and a Doctor of Dental Medicine from Temple University Dental School. His professional affiliations are many and include:

“Let me offer a personal note about our staff,” began Dr. Deck. “You will not meet a nicer group of ladies. They are intelligent, caring individuals with your well being at heart. Our staff undergoes continuous training – studies the latest technologies, dental materials, safety precautions, sterilization methods, and treatment procedures. I trust you will witness their professional behavior and appreciate the attention they provide.”


Mae R. – Office Manager

Mae has been an office manager – and not just ­any office manager — for more than 30 years. She appreciates the fact that Dr. Deck has a genuine concern for all of his employees. “I appreciate the opportunity I’ve been given as an office manager to learn and grow, not only as an employee but also by interacting with patients,” she said. “Dr. Deck’s office is a great atmosphere to work in and one that would be difficult to leave.” When asked to share something special about her work personality Mae replied, “My unique memory!”


Jill V., RDH – Registered Dental Hygienist

“I’m the morning person in the office – the one who comes through the door smiling and singing,” said Jill. “No, that’s a lie. But I do have a great sense of humor and provide a lot of laughter,” she added. Jill has been a hygienist for 27 years and prides herself on being a caring and compassionate “people person.” What does she enjoy most about working at Dr. Deck’s office? “Dr. Deck treats everyone — patients and staff — with respect and professionalism,” she said.


Deanne C., RDH – Registered Dental Hygienist

If you appreciate experience, look no further than Deanne’s 23 years as a dental hygienist, and 13 years as a clinical instructor. Deanne enjoys her patients and working in the same community where she lives. It’s that “hometown feel.” What’s special about her work personality? “I feel that I have a unique way of making patients comfortable in an environment that may be uncomfortable for some,” she noted. Dr. Deck appreciates her genuine caring and concern for the patients and the practice.


Michelle D. – Certified Dental Assistant

Michelle has 14 years of experience as a Certified Dental Assistant. She enjoys working at Dr. Deck’s office because of the staff – and the fact that everyone “feels like family.” Her polished organizational skills and genuine dedication to patients, the practice, and staff easily stand out. Said Michelle: “I am one who loves to joke and make everyone laugh. A good laugh in the morning makes for a great day.”


Dr. Deck’s office is an honest, open, comfortable environment. Feel free to come to us with any compliments, complaints or problems.



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