Mary P. – Retired teacher

“In our family, our teeth are not the best. I needed quite a bit of dental work but never felt comfortable getting it done. I was nervous. Dr. Deck nudged me along for a couple of years. I finally had several root canals, an emergency tooth situation, and many crowns including crowns on the top four front teeth to improve my smile. I have referred other people to Dr. Deck, including another dentist who had just moved into the area and didn’t know any of the dentists. I would definitely recommend him. By the way, he has a sense of humor, and I have a sense of humor, too. We always chuckle about school and kids — just a great guy to work with.”

Jeremy J. – Farmington resident

“I hid my smile for many years. Had some pretty bad teeth. Some were even infected causing quite a bit of pain. Along came some extra money, plus a new job with a good dental plan. I chose Dr. Deck. When I showed up, I thought I was going to get lectured about what I had not done with my teeth. But everyone was so friendly. Dr. Deck’s office and staff are great. I was always very comfortable – everyone was extremely professional, extremely friendly. His office is also very clean. Now, when people at work notice and ask about my smile, I say, ‘I’m going to this great dentist….’”

Evelyn M. – Victor resident

“I have been going to Dr. Deck’s office for many years. They have done quite a bit of my dental work, including crowns. They even changed an old crown for a new one. Nice place. Sweet people. Very welcoming. And they treat you well. I’ve had other dentists try to sell me more services, but not Dr. Deck. And this will sound strange but…I like going to the dentist.”

Calvin C.

Calvin has been a patient since 1994. He always says that we have the best staff. “Dr. Deck has done crowns, fillings, and other dental work for me,” said Calvin. “He’s even handled some dental emergencies promptly. Dr. Deck is quick, yet thorough. And he’s extremely professional, which is what I like. He’s right there.”

Lorie D. – Victor  resident

“I came to Dr. Deck’s office in 2006 with poor dental health. Wasn’t happy with my current dentist, but Dr. Deck certainly made we want to smile again. It took several years because Dr. Deck had to redo my entire mouth. It started with having 11 teeth pulled, and finished a few years ago with beautiful crowns and partials. Dr. Deck was very good about pointing out what needed to be done. And he was meticulous – even sent a crown or two back to the lab to make sure everything was just right. Very professional. Love the office. Can’t say anything but good things about them. I’ve recommended Dr. Deck to all my friends.”

 Phillip Cary, DDS

“I’ve known Walt for 20 years, and regularly work with him for our mutual patients who are undergoing various types of dental treatment where more advanced surgical care is needed, including dental implant therapy. I’ve always been impressed with his attention to detail, overall quality of work, the results of his treatments, and his commitment to his patients. Not only is Walt an excellent provider of dental care, he is a dentist who puts the best interests of his patients first. In today’s market, for example, dentists are sometimes inclined to keep patients ‘in house’ knowing that referring a patient to another doctor will impact their own income. Walt routinely engages the skills and experience of a specialist when he feels that is the best approach for the patient.”

Rose R. – Mother of three

“We moved from another state, and I was anxious about dental care. (My previous dentist did not believe in anesthesia — of any kind.) I only had an 8-week old at the time, but was already looking for that dentist who was good with kids. Dr. Deck was recommended, and my husband, three children (now grown) and I have been patients ever since. In fact one of my children moved away, but still comes back to Dr. Deck’s office. My kids never experienced dental anxiety. The staff is organized and efficient – I’ve never had to wait more than five minutes. We have a hygienist that we love. And the office manager takes care of the billing. I once recommended Dr. Deck to someone and she came back and told me: ‘I see what you mean – he’s wonderful.’”


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